About Calyo

We enable efficient, safe, & resilient autonomy.

Next Generation, 3-D Ultrasound for Safety and Redundancy

  • Future Space, Filton Road, Bristol BS34 8RB
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  • info@calyo.com

Calyo was founded to empower autonomous mobility through sound-driven innovation.

Who We Are


Our team brings together businesspeople and industry advisors with experience in licensing intellectual property, as well as founding other hi-tech start-ups. Our team comprises world-leading experts in machine perception, machine learning, exteroceptive sensors, and ultrasound imaging. With our expertise, we make sure our industry partners get top-tier solutions.


We thrive on solving complex challenges and translating them into cost-effective, high-performance solutions that set new standards. With Calyo, you can be confident that you’re partnering with a company that doesn’t just embrace innovation—it defines it.


At Calyo, quality is ingrained in our culture. From research to customer service, we uphold rigorous standards, ensuring that our products and services consistently meet or exceed industry benchmarks. With us, you can always expect excellence.


From research and development to customer service, we prioritise high performance in everything we do.  When you choose Calyo, you choose a partner dedicated to unmatched performance and results.