Pioneering Next-Generation Deep Ultrasound


Meet us at MOVE 2024 in London!

Calyo will be showcasing our technology at the ExCel Centre in London on June 19th–20th! Visit our stand, speak to our team, and discover how our advanced 3-D ultrasound sensors are enabling safe autonomous mobility.

Addressing the unique challenges faced

Revolutionising perception

At Calyo we produce advanced sensing technologies capable of sensing environments in full 3-D using ultrasound. With our high performance, low cost and low power sensors, we enable autonomous navigation across multiple industries.

We provide the necessary redundancy for automated mobility and facilitate robust, reliable perception of the environment.

Pioneering safety

Our compact, all-weather systems ensure safe, reliable imaging and vision perception in even the most challenging of environments.

Enabling a wide range of applications

The modular and scalable design of Calyo’s technology ensures adaptability to various environments and equipment configurations. This means it can seamlessly integrate into different systems, allowing for easy customisation and cost-effectiveness.

Our technology

Ultra-low SWaP-C (size, weight, power & cost) sensor solutions based on 3-D ultrasound enabling high-resolution lidar-like point clouds for near-range use in industrial, robotics, automotive, maritime, mapping, security & healthcare.

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Your global partner for AI-driven 3-D ultrasound sensor systems

Led by world-leading experts in machine perception, machine learning, and acoustics, we redefine possibilities in various industries.

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