Calyo Sensus

Unlock the full potential of your Calyo Pulse device.

Perception mastery at your fingertips

Calyo Sensus is a cross-platform SDK offering high performance, GPU-accelerated sensor data processing modules and an optimised engine for meeting ultra low latency needs without compromising on the richness of data afforded through the Pulse sensing platform. Shipped with a cross platform GUI application and a pre-compiled ROS node, Calyo Sensus provides a solution for every need, from desktop evaluation to fully embedded autonomous driving, exposing Pulse’s high configurability through an API.

High-resolution point cloud imaging for object detection utilising state-of-the-art algorithms to generate detailed and three-dimensional representations of the surroundings, enabling seamless integration into various applications such as autonomous vehicles, industrial automation, robotics, mapping, healthcare, and much more.

Easy, out the box integration with robotic and self driving platforms enabling enhancement of existing perception and object detection stacks.

Beyond 3-D point clouds – from ultrasound images to object identification.

Fine tune Calyo Pulse sensor configurations providing tailor made solutions for every use case and need.