Calyo Introduces a Starter Kit for Evaluation of High-Performance
3D Ultrasound Sensor

Calyo Introduces a Starter Kit for Evaluation of High-Performance 3D Ultrasound Sensor

Calyo Introduces a Starter Kit for Evaluation of High-Performance 3D Ultrasound Sensor 150 150 Calyo

BRISTOL, United Kingdom

Calyo, specialist in AI-enabled deep ultrasound technology, introduced Calyo Pulse – an evaluation module that allows companies looking to add safety and productivity to their mobile robots or autonomous systems a route to evaluate and explore the benefits of next-generation 3D ultrasound sensors for robust machine perception and improved surround sensing.

The CP-STK Pulse Starter Kit offers a complete hardware and software package for integrating a safety-ready sensor system onto a wide range of vehicles and platforms. This includes industrial machinery, mining and agricultural equipment, passenger cars, drones, shuttles, delivery vehicles, terminal tractors, and marine surface vehicles amongst others. Optimised for near-range perception (up to 15 meters), this evaluation module serves as a robust foundation for a functional safety sensor system offering life-of-vehicle protection in challenging on- and off-road environments, including IP6K8 protection against dust and water.

Leveraging patent-pending in-air 3D ultrasound technology, the Calyo Pulse sensor outputs real-time, high-resolution LiDAR-like point clouds for accurate perception of the surrounding environment and precise detection of obstacles and potential collisions. Its versatile architecture facilitates easy incorporation into sensor clusters for 360° surround sensing, ensuring reliable and robust performance in diverse applications. The sensor will enhance the safety in the automation of industrial machinery or autonomous mobility, from driver-assistance systems to fully autonomous vehicles.

Calyo’s self-contained plug-and-play CP-STK Pulse Starter Kit works straight out of the box and can be up and running in just a few minutes to provide demonstrations that require no technical knowledge from the user. For developers, the embeddable architecture (FPGA-based SoM) eases integration and provides a production ready design that minimises BOM cost. Similarly, the lightweight and flexible software development kit, comprising the Calyo Sensus engine, a C++ API, a precompiled ROS/ROS2 node, and several application examples, enables users to adapt Calyo technology to their specific application.

“Our 3D ultrasound technology empowers developers to build powerful obstacle detection systems with low-energy, high-performance hardware and a modular software stack,” says Calyo CEO Dr Mihai Caleap. “Imagine self-driving cars or safer mobile robots – the Pulse Starter Kit unlocks that future.”

Shipping now, the Pulse Starter Kit is available to order through